Sunday, August 15, 2010

Resonance Repatterning

When I think of all the reading, all the viewing, all the everything I have been through in my adult years to get to the root of what really is bothering me, Resonance Repatterning is standing at the forefront of it all. I've been trying to reconcile whether or not I'm getting so much out of these sessions (only 3 thus far) because of all the work I've done. In my first session, Sandi (therapist) said that it was evident I've done a lot of work on myself because we went straight to the big issues. With the first session so much was accomplished that I almost questioned the need of returning, but I had an appt set up for 2 wks later and it was good I did. That session was so powerful that I booked my next one for one week later (yesterday's session). In yesterday's session I learned that this "heartbreak" that I've been feeling that I assumed was due to my ex-husband actually went back to age 4 when my grandparents (if you don't know me, I'm wildly attached to them and was pretty much raised by them) left for India for 2 yrs and couldn't take me with them due to my young age. Well that was what set in motion my "everyone I love leaves" story. NEVER in a million years would I have guessed that was what was bothering me, but when she said it - I LOST it. I just wept and wept and wept and WEPT.

In the repatterning she called the essences of about 8 flowers (almost all red with pointy petals) that would all be useful to me in my healing of this. Then she shone a red light on my left pinky at the joint where it connects to my hand (because my Earth chakra was broken) and then a green one at my heart (because my Heart chakra was also broken). She said it was good that I had the emerald that Mirtha gave me over my heart because green and pink are the colors for the heart. After she did this she had me visualize Four Year Old Carla and reuniting with my grandparents. OMG, the water works started again (seriously, I mean I ended up with them in the end I really thought I was okay with all this). She said that no matter what happens in this plain that I can always go back to that point and she (lil Carla) can always be with them. Shit, I'm crying again. Anyway, this was CLEARLY huge, HUGE to me.

I know that to some that whole color, calling up flower essences, and all can seem farfetched. To be honest in my first session I was a bit like "whoa" with a few things until I could tell BIGTIME an immediate shift in me. It's palpable. You really and truly leave changed.

Then of course you are down to a new layer. When I was telling Grandmother about this last night she was like "I thought this was going to be a one time thing" with that bit of judgement she sometimes can get. I was totally cool about it. That normally would have set me off, but this is unusual. Unusually phenomenal. Truly, if you are in Austin, you owe it yourself to go for one session and see if you don't come away powerfully changed.

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