Monday, August 9, 2010

Carla - Knooows This- Much- Is. Truuuuuuee!!!!

I've been watching a lot of episodes of "Modern Family" again lately. My favorite is "Great Expectations", when Claire gets "Izzy" LaFountaine from Spandau Ballet (not really) for Phil for their anniversary. That episode to me is the quintessential "Modern Family" episode. The photo I posted has Ed Norton (Izzy Lafountaine) photoshopped in as a fictitious band member (the guy back right, he's wearing the identical outfit, but standing tall). As another part of that episode, there are numerous references to Sloppy Jays (Jay's version of Sloppy Joes) and I have been majorly needing a Sloppy Joe ever since.

Well, I finally made them tonight. I haven't had them since I was a kid. I'm not as disappointed with this as when I tried to recapture the SpaghettiOs magic to no avail. OMG, I made them SO sloppy and they didn't taste as good as I recall, but not that bad either. I felt like I had a little glimpse of the past and I'm grateful. I toasted the buns on the panini maker so you know, I still kept them sort of current.

I think I'm good on Sloppy Joes for quite awhile. Quite a long while.


  1. I loved, loved, loved that episode! Ed Norton was the shiznit.
    Slopppy, slopppy joes!!!! I have to buy the bold and spicy to get the kick I use to think it had and I still have to add a little Frank's Red Hot to sass that up even more. Mac and Cheese never disappoints especially when you use 1/3 cup of butter instead of a 1/2 cup. Yeah.....I know I'm bad.

  2. "You're not even a Fandau!!!!!" ; )