Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bob Newhart

To say I love Bob Newhart is an understatement. When I was a kid and we were in the States, I HAD to watch "The Bob Newhart Show" at 10:30pm every night or I could not sleep. Seriously. I used to have panic attacks if I didn't see it. I had panic attacks a lot, but they were usually at night and Bob would make it all better. I wanted to grow up to be Suzanne Pleshette. (I also wanted to grow up to be Laurie Petrie, not Mary Richards, Laurie Petrie I'll write about this another night). My grandfather's PhD is in Psychology and between him and Bob I wanted to be a Psychologist when I grew up (right after I became an Archeologist).

I got to thinking about all this because of therapy today. It was another marvelous session. There is something I was feeling guilty about and she totally helped to assuage any guilty feelings I had. It's so great to have an outsider to talk to. I feel that my confidants feel pressure to tell me what they know I want to hear. I mean don't most of us? When any one asks you something, it's so hard to not tell them what you know they want to hear. I'm trying to be more honest when I'm asked my opinion on things, but I'm afraid I'm coming off as callous now. Anyway, back to my therapist and me. She's so great. I feel really safe with her, and that was unexpected. I kind of expected a lot of "what do you think that means?" "do you think it's important?" sort of drivel and it's nothing like it. Every session I leave feeling like the issues I walked in with are put to rest. It's monumental for me.

I feel like I'm going to make a lot of progress over the next few years now that all my smoke and mirrors are disappearing.

How great is that?

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