Monday, August 2, 2010

The Household Is Almost Complete

I declared my intention to stay in Austin for at least a few years a couple weeks back and to that end I've finally made some purchases that I had been putting off since my move from FL. The big purchase will be here on Sunday, that's the bedroom set that I'm sure many think I'm making too big a deal out of, but you see it's not just a bedroom set to me. It's an intention. I bought a few more things today as I sat at my cockeyed desk. : ) These include a brand new set of 15 towels (that enough?), a coffee grinder/maker (my giving up coffee in May fell by the wayside), and a set of 3 cordless phones (phone can only be thrown at the wall, floor, ceiling so often).

I see the Miracle Worker on Saturday again. I feel so sorted out I don't even know what to discuss with her. I've never felt so at peace for so many days in a row EVER in my life. I'm overwhelmed by the wonder of it all. : )

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