Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What a Headache

So I've been dealing with a headache almost a week now. It went into full on fuck-you-if-you-think-you're-going-have-a-functional-day last night and on into today. I finally took my emergency pill that I've carried everywhere I go for the last year now. The pill made me so depressed. Just really, really, really low.

Fortunately I already had an appt today with my Miracle Worker (my chiropractor). He cracked the hell out of my neck and man did that really help. It's comforting to know that the help is there.

Just really and truly wish I'd quit getting them. They undermine everything for me. I say 'no' to so many things because I'm afraid one might come on and I'd be stuck in a certain situation. More than once have I had to have someone leave a function to take ailing Carla home. It really depresses the hell out of me.

I think I know why this particular one has come on and I'm more than a little perturbed that I'm still so affected. I believe getting this whole bedroom set has brought up the whole ex-husband thing and in a new a bigger way. I don't believe I'll ever love anyone even in the vicinity of the way I loved him and that scares the hell out of me and hello migraine. Maybe I'm over-simplifying, but my head totally started tingling as soon as I wrote this maybe that is it.

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