Monday, August 16, 2010

"It's Counterintuitive"

If you ever see me in my car, looking down to the left, and whispering or actually talking out loud because you can't hear me anyway I'm saying "It's Counterintuitive". That's how I remember which button opens the trunk and which opens the fuel. It's counterintuitive. Trunk is first then Fuel. Seems they should be in the order they are on the vehicle. So I have to remind myself every time or I'll open the Trunk at the gas station or the Fuel at the house when I'm unloading groceries.

I like this because so much seems counterintuitive to me, yet it all seems to work out just fine. I don't know how I turned the buttons on my car into a analogy for how life is for me right now, but I did.

(the Buenos Aires sidewalks came up when I typed in "counterintuitive")

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