Friday, August 27, 2010

I Blame "Damages"

So I've been pretty much alcohol free as of late. That's rather unusual for me, but just sort of naturally has evolved. I guess it felt cliche "the writer with a drinking problem". Not that I necessarily had a drinking problem. Well my in-laws thought I did, but funny how as soon as I left THEIR offspring the "drinking problem" pretty much sorted itself out. Well I've been back-to-back watching "Damages" and Ellen Parsons has a glass of scotch in her hands in at least 47% of her scenes. Well, hell, Ellen. We slightly resemble one another (you know how all brown-eyed brunettes look alike), and it was very easy to switch you out with me and Voila!!! here I sit with a glass of 18 yr old scotch. My liver thanks you.

As I stood in line at Wiggy's to get said scotch I was looking at rolling papers. The guy behind me queries, "what kinda weed you got?" Like I was a dealer. WTF?? Wish my car had been parked out front so he could have seen me get in it. (i have the same car as undercover cops and Feds) Ohhh, for the record, I was looking because I smoke LEGAL things. My job drug tests. Trust me. The second I don't work somewhere that does, you'll have to pry me off the goddamned ceiling I'll be so fucking high. Until then, I have my legal "highs" (they SO aren't the same thing, but whatever).

I have therapy tomorrow. Good thing, right, with all that I've just written. I don't know what to talk about tomorrow. I feel REALLY sorted out on so many things that were SO not sorted. I'm really getting my act together were it was not remotely together. I have a 2 yr plan in place for a couple goals and I feel pretty fucking awesome. I mean there are a few things gnawing at me, but I don't think I'd be Carla if there weren't. Things could ALWAYS be better in my book. The day I'm fully content, I think will be the day that I die. There is always room for improvement.

Why is this post not funny? I had several funny thoughts today and with each one said "Ohhhh, that's what I'll blog about tonight". One was on the muppets. How I assign muppet characters to people I don't like. Maybe I'll write about that tomorrow. I was also going to write about my penchant for destruction. Maybe I'll write about that on Sunday. I was going to write about how I would be an AWESOME lesbian. Maybe I'll write about that on Monday. Maybe I won't. Who knows?

Goddamn it this is GOOD scotch!!!