Saturday, April 17, 2010

You Can Turn Off the Charm, I'm Immune

That quote sums up my feelings about Bond at this point. I'm now three movies in. Just finished "Goldfinger". It contains a lot of lines and scenes that are familiar even if you haven't seen Bond films. I think I'll stick it out, but I'm not loving it. His smug attitude is annoying. The caked on make-up on him and his stupidly named tramps du jour is so off-putting. It's like their make-up was applied by a trowel. Next is "Thunderball" I believe. My eyes are already rolling.

And now rowing. I threw my back out as we put the boat in the water. I knew immediately it was going to be bad. I almost decided to not even get in the boat, but the sky was bleak and I felt certain we wouldn't be out on the water any too long. We barely got under Congress Bridge (think that was the one) when it really started to come down. OMG, my eyes. MY EYES!!!!!! They were burning soooo bad. I had so much water in them at one point I thought I was going to lose at least one contact lens. This time I felt far less afraid owing to Robin and her awesome support and also one of the guys who was our lead rower was SUPER helpful and gave so many good pointers that I really needed. He should teach the class. He really inspired confidence, and gave reassurance that we'll be better in time. I really needed to hear that from someone who is good at it. He was cute too with great taste in watches, but I digress.

So we head back in after probably only 1/2 hr at most on the water and OMG does the sky really open up. Again, I am convinced the contacts are going to come out. We get the boat put back (ouch, my back!!!) and that was that. I need to have a towel in the car for next time. I'm sure my car seat is still wet.

I went to Fresh Plus dripping wet because The Children needed food and I knew I was not going back out later with my back being out and all.

My Iron Gym arrived today and needless to say it is not assembled and probably won't be for a few days. Part of my spa treatment tomorrow is a Swedish massage. Hopefully that will put me right. If not, I'll try to get worked in at the chiropractor on Monday (who incidentally is the one who got me interested in rowing).

So tomorrow is The Day!! My hair is hereby allowed to start greying if it so chooses. What if I wake up all grey tomorrow? That'll have them talking at the brunch!! ; P

Happy 100th post to me too.

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