Thursday, April 15, 2010

Men of Letters...

I'm suppose to be putting my intentions out there -- you know, to THE UNIVERSE, People!!

I was thinking lately that I wish someone would write me a love letter. The problem is every man of the past who would be the logical choice to do such things (all 1 of them) would always have me do all their (his) writing for them (him). Sooooo, I guess I'd have to sit right right down and write myself a letter and pretend that it came from him. Now, as a person experienced at making people cry with writing and also getting my way I know how easy it is to say anything and make it seem meaningful. So it's not like I put a high premium on a love letter. It would just be nice. That's all.

By the by. I used to live in the same neighborhood Kerouac (how fine was he?) did in FL. I don't mean to name drop. ; P

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