Friday, April 30, 2010

These Go To 11

Well my beloved month is drawing to a close. I do now claim the full month for myself with an extra claim of ownership on the 18th. Well my little boys Wicked and Evil are also April babies and they have made it 11 years (suck it, vet, who said they'd be lucky to make it to 3-5 yrs). So kudos to them and me as you can tell they are more than a handful. More like 2 arms-full. They make me pick them up too. Well mostly Wicked, the heavier one. He makes me pick him up to put him on the bed. That was difficult when I hurt my back 2 wks ago.

On to May. I'm ready for you, May. I'm expecting some big, awesome things from you and from me. Let's make it a great month!!

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