Saturday, April 10, 2010

Row, Row, R-ohhhh My God, This Is Scary!!!

So today. Lesson II. We actually get out in the boats. Fun huh? NO!! I was sure we were going to capsize the entire time we were out and for about 91% of the that time, I was certain I'd be the guilty party.

We were split up according to height. I was in the tall boat position #3 (starboard). There are 8 of us plus the cox, who by the end of it I wanted to call a dick. Not his fault I was just SUPER frustrated. I really should have gone for private lessons. There is a person who I'll call "Forever In Blue Jeans" because twice she has come encased in denim when we were specifically instructed as to what to wear. I even heard one of the instructors tell her some thing like "I'd never consider rowing in that" on Tuesday night. So she got her own private boat and had an older gentleman follow her around and instruct her. Slick move.

So like I said. Certain we were going to capsize and I think it's almost paralyzing me and I can't get the rhythm down for staying in sink with whomever I was to have been watching in front of me. Even if we were in a 4 it would be better then I could be told specifically what I'm doing wrong. I got better direction from Robin the woman behind me than I did from the cox's constant "THREEEEEEEEEEE, You're doing it wrong" (okay, he probably didn't out and out say that, but that's what I heard).

There was a moment. JUST A MOMENT when I said in my head "Oh my god, we are rowing!!!" It felt like everything was so smooth for that second. It didn't last.

Ohhh, then there was the Robinson Carusoe dude on the water. He was in a row boat, standing, shirtless, and paddling like he fell out of a book. That was interesting. He might have been fine, but I was in a state of panic so I can't be sure.

So I keep saying that I thought we are going to capsize, but that is a foolish concern because it's almost impossible to tip an 8 everyone keeps saying. Then they follow that up with -- "I have heard of it happening". Well that's my photo for the day. For whatever reason - possibly to keep the myth alive - I can't post the full photo so you can truly see it.

It's an 8---capsized---and I think it's a professional crew. So never say never, COX. Not as long as I'm around.................

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