Monday, April 5, 2010

April: A Love Story

Something interesting that I'm noticing. I know a few April females around my age or older and all of us are PSYCHED about our birthdays, we make DAMN sure everyone knows it's our birthday, and none of us seem remotely phased that we are aging. I never really noticed that until this year. Fuck we ROCK!!! ; P (The only decent April pic I could find is this old Cosmo cover, there are A LOT of sluts named April let me tell you.)

Okay what else. Ahhh, tomorrow the rowing begins so you know I'll have much to say about that (especially if I fall in). I'm already thinking of what's next. Fencing/Boxing or BOXING-FENCING is probably on the horizon.

Things I have still to do that must be done in April ...

The last two hypnosis lessons (have to be done ASAP!!!)

Get My Eyes Done (aka, I've been wearing my last pair of contacts since before the move)

Find a dentist who doesn't trip me out (my V GM died in the dentist chair)


The Census Form, but I suppose that is too late

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