Friday, April 16, 2010

50 Shades of PSYCHED!!!!

I did it!!! No not that it. The other it. No, not that one either. God, you'd think the fencing pic would be a BIG clue. I finally emailed Austin Fencing Club. I am taking a MASSIVE lesson from rowing and springing for private lessons. I took a class in college and really did well at it, but that was what, almost 15 yrs ago? So I really think given my advancing years that I need private lessons to get my technique down. Technique!!! That's what I need to perfect all the way around. I'm soooo excited. The main fencing instructor is from Paris and the only French master in Texas. I'll so pay extra to be with him if he's available. If not there are two other instructors who seem pretty cool and their lessons are less expensive so that wouldn't be too shabby either.

So looks like Jan = Acupuncture, Feb = Chiropractic, Mar = Hypnosis Certification, Apr = Rowing, and May = Fencing. Well, if they have space for me.

My next post is my 100th. Would be kind of cool if that fell on the bday, but who knows. I have such a jam-packed day on Sunday I might not even get to post. We shall see.

So far, Day 1 of the bday extravaganza was wonderful. Relaxing, relaxing, relaxing, relaxing. Can't ask for more than that.

Ohhh, and thanks to Peggy I now SUPERDUPER want a classic car. Hers is sexy!!!

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