Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bi-Polar Much, Carla?

Man, I have been MENTAL this week. I'm ridiculously optimistic about the future/me/life/me/things/me but I'm also ready to kill a MF'er if they try anything and even if they DON'T try anything.

For all intents and purposes or intensive purposes (Hi, Stacy) every thing is pretty great. I've unexpectedly hung out with a good friend every night this week and am on my way to Paggi, unexpectedly, in about an hour. So what do I have to grouse about? Please, God, do not let me be one of those people who can't deal with every thing finally going right.

I think the problem or part of it is a slight lingering headache. I'm getting SO scared as the summer months approach. I'm really hoping against hope that my horrific migraines won't return with all the new things I'm doing to hopefully stave it off. I'm still scared though. Way scared. Maybe that is my problem.

On the fun and upbeat side, I am looking for spas for my bday and I had the ridiculously awesome thought of hiring a petting zoo. How fun would that be??? Yes, you're right. VERY!!!!


  1. I know you said hi to Stacy, but if that's in reference to what I think it is, I also thought it was "intensive purposes" for a long time. Like up until a year or so ago....

  2. OMG, that is SO funny. Her sister said it or still says it.

  3. Um, "Please, God, do not let me be one of those people who can't deal with every thing finally going right."


    Everything going right usually seems to coincide with giant changes for me. So, that's just often weird and uncomfortable. It doesn't seem to be that hard of a hump to get past... Oh, and then there's that adage about letting the journey be the goal because there is no pot of gold panacea that makes everything finally perfect.

    Oh, it is late. I should try to sleep!

  4. How right you are, Nicole!! I saw Peggy yesterday and literally had a breakthrough on her table. I visualized myself letting go of all my resentment towards my ex-mother-in-law (the only person on the planet I truly hated). It was SO powerful. I was crying and every thing.

    Peggy told me to practice staying in the present moment for 3 or 4 days, so that is my next challenge to myself. She also told me to go easy on myself if I am irritable or what-have-you because I am processing so much.

    She is the SO amazing!! I'm so grateful to you for introducing me to her. : )