Friday, March 11, 2011

Yo, Adrien!!!!

You know how much a love you, so I humbly request that you not shill any other products. I'm sitting here drinking Stella Artois that I purchased for reasons beyond my control. I was at the store. I saw Stella Artois. I heard you singing to me (yes, TO ME!!!). I bought Stella Artois.

Your Svengali-esque hold on me is too strong. So please, no more commercials. Have mercy on me.

If you must sell something, please make it a really great mutual fund or IRA or even gold. Dude, GOLD. Glen Beck has me hating gold, you could make me love it again!!

Use your sick powers over me for good, Adrien.


  1. Oh Sid. Too many times I have found great music because of you. Tonight I found The Cinematic Orchestra. Wow. Just wow.

  2. Ohhh, they are awesome, right? I was trying to find "Home" related songs the other night due to my move and I stubbled on them. This player on my blog is how I stumble on some greats. I'll type in a word or idea and all sorts of stuff will come up and sometimes I get some winners!!

    Enjoy! :)