Thursday, March 24, 2011

Free = Freeing

Okay so there is, Christ, I don't even know probably $1,000's worth of stuff that I have given away and continue to do so because I don't have the time/patience to sit with ALL this stuff. It's lots of little stuff, but stuff that I have held on to because of sentiment.

Some people where making me feel badly/foolish for not asking for money so I started to and I just get SO annoyed with the questions and the "YES, I WANT IT" and then a no show or an excuse and they'll be by later or tomorrow or this weekend. It takes a lot for my emotionally to part with some of this stuff so to think, "Okay, 'x' will be gone by 7pm" and then it's not is hard on me.


I'm done. I listed the last few larger objects for free tonight and within 10 min I have all of them spoken for and they all should be gone by 8:30pm. The best part was there was one item that was super-sentimental and I really hoped it went to someone cool, but where you're offering it for free who knows, right? Well as Eduardo hung up the phone he says, "Ciao!!" and I go, "Oh yeah, HE is the one who should have these!!!"

It's amazing how I am gaining nothing monetarily, but gaining MASSIVE amounts of peace with each of these items that I'm tossing. I haven't tossed everything from the 15 yrs we were together, but Holy Shit. I'd say I've axed a good 85% of it. I'm trying to get the balls to toss everything, but I'm having a hard time with that. I feel like that says that 15 of my 35 years were utterly meaningless. I KNOW that's not the case, but that's how it feels.

Good God, emotions are running HIGH in this old house.

(Sidenote: Sexy Pic, Huh??)

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