Friday, March 18, 2011

Carla's Trash Is Several People's Treasure

Man, I have been humbled for the fifth time this week. I seriously would not be sad if I lost everything in a fire right now (not the cats nor shoes). I'm sooo sick of everything and stressing over the downsizing. So yes, I could have gotten money for a lot of the stuff I ended up listing for free on CL, but pftt. The experience of being able to give these things that I actually hate to people who are positively grateful has been AWESOME. AWESOME!!! I got a little scared today because I was listing everything in my pantry and posting that you have free food brings out a whole other element. I felt terrible, but I was scared to give the food to a couple men who responded. What if they saw that I live alone blahlblahblah. I have trust issues. So I found the sweetest girl EVER (that I gave the food to) who I am going to hire to help me clean the house and new apt. She has offered her help with anything I need. She just really needs the $$.

It's been sobering. I'm so lucky. Part of me has been all pouty about the fact that I need to make this move. Shame on me. I have it WELL. SO well. I got to crying on the phone to Grandmother about it. How did I grow up in India and get so far removed from all I saw there? She was saying how it's hard for her coming back to the beautiful condo each time she returns from India. I told her I really got that tonight. I really did.

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