Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lose the Battle/Win the War

There are a few sayings that are like Gospel to me. This is one. I'm currently putting it into play yet again, by walking away from something for the moment only to reemerge stronger than ever. I'm going to drastically scale back my lifestyle and get debt-free by summer '12.

That will mean a lot of sacrifice, obviously. The biggest will be in my dwelling. I'm going to go from my 3 bedroom house to probably a studio maaaaaybe a 1 bedroom, but since I want to stay in my high-rent neighborhood that's really pushing it.

Tonight Reality slapped me in the face (when it should be slapping C. Sheen in the face) as I viewed my possible future abode.

TINY!!!!!!! But, I will be debt-free. ZERO DEBT. OWE NO MAN NOTHING.

I think I can lose this battle to win that war!!! : )

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