Friday, April 15, 2011

RIP: Dan Hartman, I Can Dream About You

Okay so most of my youth was spent overseas and one thing that I held sacred was a cassette tape that had "Ghostbusters" on side A and "Streets of Fire" (Which I still haven't seen) on side B. This was purchased in Bangkok, Thailand and saw me ALL through India and several other places as one of my only forms of entertainment.

Tonight I'm sipping scotch, playing online, and listening to Music Choice Channel 822 which is '80's and this song by "Dan Hartman" comes on and I do typical girl freak out "OMG, I LOVE THIS SONG". Well if you watch Music Choice, havers of Time Warner, you know they give you little facts throughout the song about the artist/song etc. Well here's a cold, hard fact. Poor Dan died of AIDS in 1994!!!!!

I couldn't fucking believe it. As I kid I'd listen to this song over and over and over. YES, because I'd flip the cassette back over for Mick Smiliey's "I Believe It's Magic" (my favorite song from "Ghostbusters" and maybe favorite song EVER), but also because I really liked it and it's one of the songs that as a kid made me think "THAT'S what love is like..."

RIP: Dan Hartman and thank you for an awesome song. : (

PS: He also wrote James Brown's "Living in America" GOD DAMN!!

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