Sunday, April 24, 2011

30 Day Music Challenge: A Song That Reminds You of Someone

This song has a complicated history for me. Tony, my ex-husband, had William Orbit's "The Best of Strange Cargo" and this is the first song on it. That cd was the first that we listened to together and we listened to it A LOT. Mostly high (it helped).

Well, this song sort of reminds me of him, but more it reminds me of me and how all my life before him, in my relationship and marriage with him, and now after him I have felt so alone.

"You start swimming and swimming and swimming and you never stop swimming until you reach the ocean..." that so me. searching.

"...and you sail into the sunset with out me" again solitude. There is another version where she says "but I know where you are" and that has a less desperate feel to it that I like.

so it's all kind of sad then

"I find myself suddenly waking up, and there are four young girls giving me water from a vine leaf, just dropping it on to my tongue" this to me symbolizes those in your life giving you succor.

"Nothing more. You surround me. Break on through. Release me." I sort of think that's "God" or something spiritual. I'm not 100% sure as I'm not there yet, but I hope to be.

So there. My song that reminds me of someone -- Me. Should have picked "You're So Vain", huh? :P

This video credits Orton, while she sings on it, it's actually William Orbit who's to be credited.

"Water From A Vine Leaf"

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