Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Game Is Afoot, Mother-F--kahs!!!

Okay. So the other day I alluded to 5 "Changes". A few people have asked me what they are so I'll go ahead and say. I didn't want to because I think there are some people reading this that I don't particularly care to share my life with, but what the fuck.

1) Dwelling (done)

2) Career (in progress, I do believe)

3) Finances (currently $15k in debt, will be debt-free with a healthy nest-egg)

4) Health/Fitness (I have BALLOONED UP (30 lbs) since moving to Austin, this is no longer acceptable)

5) Relationship (As someone who was in a relationship from the second she was legal till 3 yrs ago, I'm done being alone. I've proved I can do it. Now I'm ready to be in a relationship with an awesome guy who is NOT a manchild)

So those are the Five Changes. One has been accomplished and the others will in their respective times so the numbers currently assigned are subject to change.

I told a good friend today that I'm sick of mediocrity. I meant in others, but I really mean in my own life. After all, the things we despise in others is what we see in ourselves. I see it in others and I really see it in me. I'm not talking about being a perfect, cookie-cutter Stepford Wife phony. I just mean the best version of CarlaMarie that I can possibly be.

(the photo doesn't have anything to do with this post other than the title and I liked it.) :P