Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Post 500: Five Changes

I deliberately put off posting the last couple days as I knew this post would be my 500th. I didn't want it to be a post of frivolity although I do love a good frivol (I know it's not a noun, but I don't care).

There are five things I'm changing in my life. The first just happened. The remaining four, I hope, will happen this year. Two I have pretty strong control over, two I'm rather at the mercy of others. I'm determined to make all four changes though.

When I make up my mind about these things, I get very restless. Once I know what I want, I absolutely obsess about it.

So if you're around me and I'm distracted, I apologize. If I'm not around, I apologize. Some times I get withdrawn when I'm in this mode.

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