Friday, April 8, 2011

MasterMind Connection

I know I blogged about this when I first discovered it a few months back, but I haven't acted on it. I'm a member of a Yahoo group and members are periodically added and the leader asks us to introduce ourselves, but I haven't. I'm so freaked out that this will be like church, even though it is NOT like any church I have been to either Catholic nor Protestant (since I'm a 1/2 & 1/2).

I finally stepped up the other night and declared that I'm a member of the group, but that I'm a total newbie (in fact that's what I titled my post) and this man who is the leader of the Intro to MasterMind out of Unity Church of the Hills introduced himself and invited me this Sunday as the 2nd Sunday of each month is a special intro for newbies!! : )

I really think I'm going to go, but I have been panicking about it for 2 days now. I'm so anti-church, yet I miss church.

I wish I could get back the good safe feeling I used to have at church. Maybe I will at this one. It's definitely not my Family's church.

We shall see. I'm leaving myself the option of not going (as did the leader of the group), but as he also said "...I just trust that you will follow your divine guidance on Sunday. We have these into to master mind discussions every second Sunday of the month so no harm if you can’t make it but it’s my guess that you will. Feeling that you are in charge of your life is a good thing in the midst of transition so listen to your heart and you’ll be glad you did. Always!..."

So we shall see...kinda think I'm going. All that I have going on, I could stand some MasterMind Connection.

Here's the link to the 7 steps in case you are wondering what it is.

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