Friday, May 17, 2013


We all know that nothing lasts. It's the impermanence of many things in life that make them special. Jobs, friendships, romantic relationships, and ultimately life itself are all on borrowed time. This immutable fact was one that I struggled with, but feel I have come to embrace.

Then something kind of stirs the pot. Oddly enough the ending of "The Office" did that for me. This was not the first time either. It happened last year with the ending of "Desperate Housewives" and "Weeds". I found myself mourning the ending of a show? Huh??? I mean I dig TV, but to feel actual separation anxiety - that's a bit much.

Then I thought about it. All these shows had rather lengthy runs. When they all started, I was with my ex-husband. I was living in a nice condo. With my nice life. Everything running so smoothly. Well actually things were not, but I rewrite that part in my head. These shows were always there. When various parts of my life started to break away, the crazy girls of Wisteria Lane were sitting around dealing with their crazy messy lives. When I left all I knew behind to get over my heartbreak and try to start a new life, Jim and Pam were still new and was fun to route for them. We'll just leave the comparisons of my life to Nancy Botwin's alone...

If I'm perfectly honest, I was griping about how the show lost its edge for the last 3 seasons or so. But isn't that just like life? You let a mediocre thing drag on because it's easier than parting with it.

**sorry for the weird layout. i swear to God, they change this damn thing every time i leave it for a month or two -- seeeeee IMPERMANENCE!!!!

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