Thursday, November 8, 2012

This One Goes Out to the One I Love

Some things just stick. You smell a certain fragrance, you're transported years and miles to scene, time, and place. You hear a certain song, see a certain image - suddenly you are "there" - wherever your "there" happens to be.

I met someone 21 yrs ago who stuck with me. This person was my professor (due to graduating high school at 14, I was in college early). At the time he was the age I now am (37). I was in a program that was experimental at my college. I was to have him and 3 other professors for this particular class for two full years. This was ample time for the capricious lunacies of a young teen age girl's mind to run AMOCK.

This poor man. He became the be all and end all of my tiny little life. I think due to my extensive travels I was interesting enough to him that he didn't mind my adoration, and he NEVER did anything remotely inappropriate. He was always there for me. Anytime I had a question, any time I wanted to talk, any time I wanted to write him love letters in French. Ahhh, mais oui!!! I pulled out all the stops with him. With the exception of my ex-husband, I have never pursued a man so hard. And I LOVED to pursue.

I was devastated when my time with him came to an end. Many thought it was just a crush, and I guess it was/is. To this day, I still dream of him. I met up with him not long before I left Orlando 5 yrs ago. He looked INCREDIBLE, and although almost 15 yrs had passed - it felt like nothing had changed (except he was FINALLY divorced!!). I sooooo wanted to go back into hot pursuit mode, especially since my relationship with my ex-husband (which started right as I was no longer under Professor's tutelage) was ending.

There are a few things in life that I guard as so precious that I don't want to mare them. My memories, dreams, and thoughts of the Professor are at the top of that list. I would never want to damage my perfect view of him so I just stand back and do nothing. There has only been one other man that I have done this with since him. The Professor will forever be in my heart/mind/soul.

So why do I write about him today? It's his birthday. :) Today he is 58. Unless the last 5 yrs were brutal, he's no doubt the hottest 58 yr old prof out there.

So David, Happy Birthday and thank you for helping a young girl out in her awkward time of adjusting to the college/university world after a life of private tutoring, and thank you for providing a lovelorn woman so many years of precious memories.

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