Monday, November 12, 2012

What's in a Name?

I spend a lot of time letting my mind roam free. It's one of the luxuries of my lifestyle of almost zero responsibilities. I find it interesting what topics will repeatedly make an appearance. Some are the heavy questions of life, some are super frivolous and right down amusing, others are ones that circle around back every few months/years.

My last name. That's one that perplexes me. I have a pseudonym and have for years - Carla Castille. I always assumed I'd write under that name to "protect the innocent" read: I have a VERY conservative family and I couldn't be less like them if I tried.

I'm always looking at last names and trying them on with my first name. Mind you not of men I like, I mean total strangers' names. A personal fave - Cockcroft. I massively would love to be Carla Cockcroft. I won't do it, but it will always be an unfulfilled dream.

I kept my married name for numerous reasons. I use Susan Sarandon as my backup for this. She and Chris Sarandon were married 1967-1979, she didn't even have kids with him. She had kids with Amuri and Robbins, didn't take their names. Clearly it's her stage name, and I've almost come to regard my last name as mine.

Reasons I retain the name:

a) It's the name of my true love. That's an immutable fact.
b) I'm the only one in the world - LITERALLY - NO other woman has my name
c) It's Egyptian, but NO ONE knows what the fuck the name is so it's a convo starter
d) It means "King of Kings" - FUCK YEAH

Does the list even need to continue? I actually have a couple other points, but those are the biggies.

I'm not saying I'll never change my name. If I remarry, I might. Maybe I'll hyphenate. I don't know. I really like my name as it is. The one thing that could sway me is if I had kids. I might have to depart from Ms. Sarandon's example and take the name of my kids' father - unless I lose my mind in my 40's and have like 7 baby-daddies!! Never say "NEVER"!!!!!! ;)

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