Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Legal Kiss Is Never As Good As a Stolen One.

Guy de Maupassant said that. I agree. I have a "fantasy" although that's really not the proper term for it. I almost hate that word at this point. I have a fanciful notion. Ehhhhh. Anyway. There are certain men I see out there in the world. Going about their daily grind clearly starved of any passion, any spark that was once there. I want to go up to them, grab their face in both my hands, tilt their head to the side, and just PLANT one on them. Like an OMFG where have you been all my life kiss --- and then just walk away.

The beauty of it is the simplicity of it as well as the anonymity. No words would be exchanged. They would just stand there dumbfounded and I'd stealthy vanish into the crowd.

The recipients would be all over the map. Literally. Race/ethnic group/age wouldn't matter. They would just have an "in need of rescue" look in their eye. As often as I see that look, I'd be kissing every other guy I meet.

Would this change their respective lives? No, of course not, but for a brief moment it would inject a bit of hope, bit of romance, a bit of that something we've all long ago forgotten into their worlds...

(the pic was just one i liked that i found under 'stolen kiss'. hard to find a pic that describes the above)

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