Sunday, February 6, 2011

Simple Marriage

I subscribe to a lot of self-improvement blogs/newletters etc. I got one the other day from Zen Habits that actually was about another blog that I was unfamiliar with called "Simple Marriage". It was entitled "Relationships Are Easy" which TOTALLY got my attention because I have always thought the "Marriage is hard work" notion was BS. I see my Grandparents who have been married 59 yrs and there is NOTHING hard about what they have. Okay, they have had 59 yrs to perfect it, but I was around for 35 of those years and it's been easy all that time and I am pretty sure it was before I came along. I'm not saying they would not have had hard times, but they are best friends and they show it. So I read the email and was so moved by it I forwarded it to a friend (which I rarely ever do, I don't like to feel like I'm forcing something on someone). My friend got a lot out of it too. So I figured, let me blog about it in case someone else needs to read it as well.

It's hit and miss if blogger let's me post a link so you might need to copy and paste it. I really liked the Manifesto. I showed me that I completely did the right thing in leaving, not that I doubt my leaving, but sometimes when you look at the fact that you've been alone for three years it can fuck with you. Reading this showed me how I have really grown. REALLY grown. I have a ways to go, but it's not over till I'm dead. I've made some personal decisions. I have decided that I do what to remarry. I want to marry someone who gets this though. I do NOT want to struggle in a relationship just so to not be alone. I want someone who makes me life better for being in it and I do the same for him. I want to grow old with my best friend.

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