Friday, February 4, 2011

Linear: Leaves Me Cold

I have been attempting to find a picture of a cozy, stone (or brick) restaurant to try to duplicate what's in my head. It's moments like this that I wish the family's artist gene took the form of drawing, like it has for several in our family, instead of verse as it has for me. I have SOOOOOOOOOOO many beautiful images in my head that I have no way of conveying. I have a vision and a feeling of a restaurant that I feel is MY restaurant. So I have been searching and searching all day. Nothing has come close. One thing I found interesting though was how many very linear designed places people had captioned as "cozy". I do not think "cozy" when I think linear. Neat - Yes. Orderly - Yes. Cold as Ice - ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY.

I can appreciate linear things, but I do not get a good feeling from them. It's funny. I used to tell my ex-husband all the time, "You are have a very linear way of thinking," to which he'd snap, "I know you're insulting me." Which I truly wasn't. I just felt it was why we were not compatible. I mean he is WAAAAAY linear in his thinking. I don't think there is a thing wrong with that, just doesn't mesh well with me and my way of thinking.

I've seen several restaurants that I have liked in my search and ALL expect one in NYC are overseas. I guess when you grow up abroad it affects you. :)

I obviously have picked an uber-linear picture to illustrate my point of it being ice cold. The restaurants were not this institutional. They were softly lit which helped, but cozy -- uh, no.

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