Saturday, May 14, 2011

30 Day Music Challenge: Song You Want Played at Your Wedding

Wow, I don't know on this. I got married at city hall and I'm more than content to do that again or a tiny beach wedding just Mystery Man and I. If MM wanted a wedding, I'd be fine with it so I do think "What would I play at the wedding?" Lately I have been thinking I'd sing Coldplay's "Green Eyes" to MM. The great thing about that song is that you can change the eye color and it still works.

For today's purposes I pick Cocker's "When the Night Comes". I LOVE songs about a couple running away a la "Two Tickets to Paradise". I always want to run away and I dream of a partner who would finally come with me... (not pretend to come with me and a month in trip out and head back home because YES my ex-husband did that to me in California, the prick)

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